Add more protein as well as Fiber to autumn Recipes with Freekeh

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Americans are always looking for methods to include more fiber as well as protein in their diets without sacrificing taste.  now we can with new freekeh as well as all natural high fiber grain infused with protein as well as flavor.

“On average, Americans take in 6.4-oz equivalents of grains each day – with only 0.6-oz. equivalents of whole grains per day,” according to a recent storm Lake Pilot Tribune article. That’s a simple one-tenth of what they should be getting. part of the reason for this nutritional oversight is the tendency for bundle labels to be misleading. Oftentimes, in an effort to make consumers believe their products are healthy, manufacturers will insinuate that they are whole grain when in truth they don’t satisfy the meaning of a whole grain., which outlines the U.S. department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines, stipulates that in order for a food product to be deemed “whole grain” it must contain the entire grain kernel as well as the bran. That’s an important distinction since whole grains are much much better sources of fiber as well as other important nutrients, such as selenium, potassium as well as magnesium. As the whole grain controversy continues, the ancient grain freekeh is gaining in popularity because of its fiber as well as protein combination that provides a more total grain than most other grain varietals. In fact, Freekeh Foods just recently got an “A” ranking for nutritional value from With 8 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber as well as 130 calories per low-fat serving, “Freekeh is a winning combination of protein, fiber as well as flavor,” states Joel Harper, nyc star personal fitness instructor as well as personal fitness instructor to Dr. Oz, who has freekeh listed in his “7 necessary components for women over 40.” 

What is freekeh?

According to, “Freekeh is a process which means ‘to rub’ in Arabic. Freekeh was produced by mishap almost 2,000 years back when a middle Eastern village was attacked as well as their crop of young eco-friendly wheat was set ablaze. most people would sulk over their misfortune, however the crafty villagers scrubed off the chaff, cooked it up as well as “Eureka!” Freekeh was created. We’re proud to offer you this tasty, nutritious ancient grain with a funny name.”

Freekeh is a tasty as well as nutritious addition to soups, salads, pilafs, chili as well as stew.  In the cookbook, “30 methods to freekeh!” author Bonnie Matthews provides 30 tasty autumn recipes you can try with freekeh. These include, hearty one-pot meals, spicy freekeh jambalaya, paella, unique vegetarian options, including Mexican tacos, empanadas as well as even freekeh sushi! 

Freekeh is so simple to make.  All you requirement to do is simmer it in water in the exact same way as you would cook rice.  After it is cooked you can enjoy it ordinary or as an addition to your preferred recipe.  When I made freekeh I split it in half as well as mixed half of it with 2 T of olive oil, red as well as yellow pepper slices, sliced zucchini, Italian seasoning as well as a bit bit of garlic.  I then served the other half plain.  My youngsters as well as I enjoyed both versions.  even without the added seasoning freekeh is tasty all by itself. 

Freekeh is available in three tasty flavors, Freekeh Original, Freekeh Rosemary Sage, as well as Freekeh Tamari.  For more info on freekeh see

*Disclosure: I got a bundle of Freekeh original in exchange for this review.  All opinions are precise as well as 100% mine.

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