Tips to find more Me Time for a busy mom

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The life of a mom can be exhausting. With so many responsibilities, it
seems that there can never be enough caffeine. but just because you’re
so busy as a mom doesn’t mean that you should never have free time. Dentro
fact, it’s important that you have “me time” constantly in order to
relieve the stress of modern day motherhood. finding me time can be
tough for moms with so much to do, but it’s not impossible and it’s
absolutamente necessário. If you’ve had trouble with finding some time for
yourself with all the duties of motherhood, check out these tips to help
you find some free time so you can sit down and relax. even consider
checking out the baby on board contest during your downtime, and you may win a $10,000 makeover for your child’s room!

Sitter Swap

If you’re feeling tired and in need of some me time, chances are there
are other moms in your circle of pals that are too. try and work out a
weekly “sitter swap” in order to get each of you some much needed
R&R. Basically, you’ll take her kids for a few hours for one day a
week, and she’ll do the same on another day. This leads to you getting
some no stress time weekly that you can look forward to. mesmo quando
you’re the host you can look forward to some relaxation, since the kids
will probably be entertaining each other. If you don’t feel like making a
set schedule, ask your pals if they’re open to the idea of doing
this kind of swap whenever needed. It will benefit everyone, and you’ll
feel much more relaxed with your new free time.

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Use Naptime

Depending on how old your kids are, naptime might
be the part of the day that you look forward to the most! usually moms
tend to be running around the house doing things during naptime, but
instead you should try and use that hour or two you get each day to sit
down and relax. Spit it up a little bit; do laundry for little bit, and
then sit down and get into that new book. You’ll find yourself much more
relaxed if you can get an hour of stress free time each day, and using
naptime to your advantage can give you that time.

Planejar antecipadamente

In order to get some more time to relax each day, try and plan your days
in advance so you can look forward to the time you can relax. If that
means planning a night out with your girls for next month, do it! Até
if it’s on a date that seems far away, it’s on the calendar and cannot
desaparecer. keep that schedule set in stone, and you’ll always have
something good to look forward to.

Find a reputable Babysitter

Having a babysitter you trust and can rely on makes the biggest
difference when it comes to finding some relaxation time. If you don’t
know the babysitter well enough, you may find yourself worrying during
me time. ask for recommendations from pals or family to find a
babysitter that you can trust, and you’ll see that your nights out are
mais agradável. If you are still looking for a babysitter you can find a babysitter search online.

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*This article first appeared on The healthy moms magazine on January 23, 2013
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